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Traditional Cancer Treatment

The right treatment for the right patient based on current practice, research and outcomes.

Traditional chemotherapy treatment uses chemical drugs in an effort to stop cancer cells from growing and hopefully eradicate the cancer.

For many of our patients, chemotherapy represents an effective way to treat, and hopefully, eliminate cancer. At Bruckner Oncology,we provide a specific treatment plan and schedule to each patient comprised of agreed upon cancer fighting drugs to work toward fighting the cancer, as well as seeing the treatment through to support the entire process.

When selecting the most appropriate cancer-fighting regimens, it is important to realize that no two cancers or tumor types are alike. While some cancers are slow growing, others are much quicker. As such, the physicians at Bruckner Oncology have a variety of chemotherapy agents that target specific cancer types based on the way and speed in which they grow.

Well - developed, effective standard therapy works for many cancers or stages of cancer and is supported by solid clinical trial results. Bruckner Oncology keeps up to date with these regimens to offer them to patients while also allowing for individual flexibility if and when the need arises to tweak treatments in order to reduce toxicity and/or increase efficacy.

Each chemotherapeutic agent works differently and is effective in different ways and at different points within the treatment cycle. As such, Dr. Bruckner and Dr. Hirschfeld work with each patient, based upon their diagnosis and prognosis, and obtain patient input to weigh benefits and risks to work toward a treatment plan that is best for each patient. This includes identifying the drug or multiple drugs and schedule that is most appropriate for that patient.