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About Us

Team: Azriel Hirschfeld, M.D.


A strong foundation of education and research offering the most up to date integrative treatments.

Dr. Azriel Hirschfeld represents today’s modern integrative approach to patient treatment and management. As a key partner in the fight against cancer at Bruckner Oncology, Dr. Hirschfeld works hand in hand with Dr. Bruckner and his staff to continually raise the bar on exploring the delicate balance between specific cancers, patients, treatments and outcomes.

Established as a center of excellence, Dr. Hirschfeld works daily to provide an individualized and specialized approach to the field of oncology. At Bruckner Oncology, he is able to rapidly translate research and new developments into clinical practice so that novel, innovative therapies are quickly and successfully routed from laboratory bench to patient bedside.


A continued commitment to education, research and patients.

With almost two decades of scientific and research experience, Dr. Hirschfeld has studied cancer from its molecular components to how cancer grows all the way on through the effects of novel combinations of cancer drugs on various cancers, particularly colon and breast cancer.

Dr. Hirschfeld received his B.S. from Yeshiva University and his M.D. from Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He has extensive research experience at New York Medical College, Montefiore Medical Center, Albert Einstein College of Medicine and the University of Maryland Medical Center and was appointed a Fellowship at the University of Maryland Medical Center Greenebaum Cancer Center. Dr. Hirschfeld is Board-certified by the American Board of internal medicine in medical oncology, hematology and internal medicine.


Establishing trust, providing hope.

Dr. Hirschfeld represents a bridge between today and tomorrow, respecting the history of results that traditional chemotherapeutic treatments can deliver to many patients while working diligently with Dr. Bruckner and other clinicians to explore novel treatments for patients with difficult tumor types that may be resistant to these traditional treatments.

By taking a patient-centric approach to cancer treatment and committing himself to continued research and education, Dr. Hirschfeld is able to always keep the ultimate goal in mind – results that matter to each patient and their families.

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